Cupar Lightouse © 2013

Registered charity no. SC004123

Jesus said:

   "I am the light of the world"

John 8, verse 12

Having been around for twenty-four years now the Lighthouse in Cupar is something of an institution but one that is worth learning a bit more about.

Of course it is not a Lighthouse in the traditional sense of the word being nowhere near the sea, rather it is a place where the light of God’s love can shine out to all who pass.

The Lighthouse owes its existence to a group of people who had a vision which they set about making reality of an interdenominational venture to open a coffee shop where people could meet, chat and if they wanted find a listening ear. They also saw the need for a Christian Bookshop to provide a wide variety of resources for churches and Sunday schools in the area. A board of Trustees was appointed a charitable trust formed and the premises in Bonnygate bought and equipped, opening in December 1987.

A Small Bit of History

Sharing the Light of the World

We like to think that the Lighthouse is no ordinary coffee shop. True we do serve coffee (and very good it is too) we also sell home baking, meals, snacks and of course tea and soft drinks as well, but we aim to create a happy and caring atmosphere in the place so that every customer will feel welcome and at ease.

This atmosphere is made possible mainly due to the fact that apart from a small number of paid employees, most of those working in the shop do so voluntarily. We have a wealth of volunteer staff each bringing their own talents and expertise to the task. Some bake, some serve, some tidy books and do the windows, others wash dishes, but all do it as part of their service to God, and it is much appreciated.

The volunteers help the customers and so too do the other customers. Many a friendship blossoms over a plate of soup. Often what lonely people need is just someone to listen to them and surely we can provide that. We have quite a group of people who meet up for lunch several days a week as much to see each other as for their meal.